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Safety measures to ward your brand’s authenticity

Native ads prevent your website’s mixing up with irrelevant materials. FACE2TRADE’s policies regarding ad placing are wholly transparent, and we cooperate with the services that ensure the fencing against fraudulent behavior and malicious software.

Brand Fencing

  • FACE2TRADE scans all clicks to ward off attempts at fraudulent activities
  • Warrant of transparent campaigns

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The concept of Brand Safety and why it is important
Specialists in Brand Safe Advertising

Why does your brand need a safe promotion? What is the concept of brand safety and how to protect reputation of your brand?

Brand safety is protection of the company’s brand from mentioning (primarily advertising) in an unfavorable context. The so-called reputational safety of a brand is to protect the brand and its advertising materials from an unfavorable information environment. Brand’s reputational security keeps it from being mentioned on pages with the following content:

  • content with age restrictions (Adult Content);
  • drugs, alcohol and other substances hazardous to human health;
  • calls for illegal actions;
  • extreme graphics (bright blinking, animations and colors “beating” in the eyes);
  • calls for measurement manipulation and other fraud;
  • copyright infringement;
  • viruses, malware, spyware;
  • discussion of politics, religious topics;
  • hate speech, blasphemy, curses;
  • Unmoderated UGC (User Generated Content);
  • doubtful topics: occultism, taboo topics, non-traditional lifestyle, etc.

However, the brand’s reputational security suffers not only from the above generally recognized threats, but also the context. So, transport companies prefer not to put ads on pages where thematically similar content is posted, but there may be references to accidents and catastrophes – so that users do not have undesirable associations with the brand. In other words, the protected brand has the right to set what content is and how much it is undesirable for it.