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Get to know more about Cookies?

Cookies are usually downloaded to your device in the process of visiting a website, these are also text files enclosing the minor amount of information. On each subsequent visit, cookies are sent back to the primary website or to any other website able to identify that cookie. Cookies are rather beneficial because of their ability to allow a certain website to identify the device that you are using and thus supply you with a better website experience.

Cookies have a lot of functions. First of all, they allow you to freely and effectively navigate between pages, it retains your preferences, and in general, it improves your navigating and using experience. They make sure that the ads you come across online are more or less relevant to your interests.

Cookies do not recognize the personality of the user but the device the certain user is using. It happens via a randomly generated identifying tag.

Discover the way the cookies are used by Face2trade

To be able to use fully any of your devices whether it is a computer or cell phone should accept Cookies. Face2trade use Cookies with the purpose of making your experience more pleasant.

For instance, face2trade uses cookies by means of the following methods:

  • To get the information that would help us to understand what was interesting for you when running down our website or checking emails and what was not.
  • To estimate the efficiency of the ads we provide and the way the visitors take advantage of our website.

View the types of Cookie face2trade uses & our Cookie policy

You can have a look at an accessible list of the cookies used on in the face2trade Cookie list which explains more about how we use cookies and why we do this.
There are the categories found in the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) UK Cookie guide published in April 2012, according to which our cookies have been categorized and are now used on

Category 1: Rigidly Necessary Cookies

This category makes some services asked specially by you eligible.
These cookies are fundamental in the process of moving around face2trade. com and using its peculiarities including the access to the secure areas of the website. Without these cookies services like shopping baskets or e-billing made for your request may not be supplied.

Category 2: Performance Cookies

These cookies have the ability to accumulate anonymous information on the pages attended.
These cookies gather information about the pages that are mostly used by the visitors, this is about the way people use This is not about collecting information that recognizes visitors. All the information collected by these cookies is anonymous. It is only used to enhance the way functions.

Category 3: Functionality Cookies

This kind of cookies is about the choices you make to improve your using experience.
These cookies let face2trade remember your personal choices such as your user name, language etc. It provides us with enhanced and more personal features.
Rigidly necessary, Performance and Functionality Cookies
To sustain’s efficiency we have to use these three categories. As well as we take care of the ease of use and pleasant and flawless experience. By using our website you agreed on these types of cookies to be installed on your PC.

Category 4: Advertising/Targeting Cookies

These cookies use your browsing information to make advertising more related to you.
So, these cookies function to deliver the cookies according to your inclination. Besides, they can limit the number of times you see an ad and, in the same way, it estimates the effectiveness of our digital advertising movement. They are placed by the third parties making advertisings of the network on our behalf and with face2trade’s permission. They remember you when you visited and they share this information with other institutions such as owners of the media.

You may refuse these cookies and keep on using this site. More information regarding these types of cookies and the way you can opt out of it you can find in the face2trade Cookie list.

How to handle or reject Cookies

If you are willing to block, delete or restrict Cookies from, you may use your browser to do this. More details related to management of Cookies on different sorts of the web browser can be found here

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