Key features of successful promo campaign

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Advertising campaign is an event aimed at attracting the attention of potential or existing customers to a new product. The main objective of this type of implicit advertising is to convey to the end user the concept of the brand and clear advantages.

Successful promotions also require proper promotion: SMS-mailing, distribution of leaflets, posting information on the site. Preparing an effective advertising campaign is impossible without the coordinated work of many specialists.

Types of promotions

Depending on the ultimate goals and the specifics of the conduct, there are two types of advertising campaigns.

Communicative advertising campaigns are aimed at forming a positive image of the organization in the eyes of the target audience. For these purposes donations, sponsorship contributions are made, as well as entertainment events are organized aimed at improving the brand’s reputation. If the company is new to the market, it is also recommended to pay attention to specialized packaging and distribution of leaflets.

Promotions with a probable or guaranteed win are focused on the earliest possible increase in sales. If the company launched a new product on the market, or products from an existing line are poorly diverging, it is necessary to promptly stimulate sales. For these purposes, contests, lotteries, distribution of free product samples and discount coupons are arranged.

Features of promotional campaigns

The main feature of a successful promotion is an informal approach to existing or potential customers. As a rule, for this purpose promoters in original costumes are used, bright packaging and focusing of the buyer’s attention on the benefits of the acquisition.

Features of promotions are due to direct contact with the end user, who should be interested, profitable and just participate in the proposed activity. Therefore, the majority of promotions are held in shopping centers in the evening, and promoters constantly repeat the conditions of participation and distribute flyers with brief information about the activity.

Sales Promotion

Merchandising is a complex event for short-term sales promotion, which are held in sales areas. This includes tasting goods, laying out products in a prominent place, holding competitions and entertainment activities.

Sampling is aimed at informing potential customers about new products and consists of free distribution and distribution of samples. For example, in the cosmetic industry, “probes” are distributed, which are distributed by promoters in stores, as well as distributed in specialized publications.

Game and event marketing is one-time promotions that use the bright positive emotions of the participants to promote the product. Such promotions use bright costumes, catchy music, as well as interactive work with the audience in a playful way.

Other promotion goals

Forming a loyal audience involves the creation of a sustainable positive attitude of customers to the brand. To do this, you should hold interesting events for customers at a convenient time for them, as well as focus on the obvious benefits of the product.

Attracting new business partners is an additional plus of high-quality promotions. As a rule, such activities are carried out on the territory of large shopping centers in cooperation with their owners. Often promotions hold several brands with complementary products.

Market research is usually a costly and long process. Conducting promotions involves communicating with consumers, as well as receiving feedback on the quality of the product.

Organization and implementation of the promotion

A marketing event consists of five main steps:

  • Preparation is the definition of a target audience, the collection of information about the market situation and the identification of consumer stereotypes. If the promotion is aimed at promoting new products, it is recommended to analyze the advantages and methods of work of competitors.
  • Identification of the final goal is the definition of a range of tasks that the advertising action should solve. For example, attracting new customers, as well as informing existing ones about new discounts.
  • The development of a media plan consists of the choice of specific activities and their focus. At this stage, it is decided whether there is a need to hire promoters, how many flyers the campaign needs, and when the events will be held.
  • A prepared promotion is carried out as scheduled.
  • Analysis of the results of marketing activity allows you to clarify your position in the market, as well as impressions of the target audience from the brand.