Privacy policy

Face2trade is willing to protect your privacy and working hard on it. We take seriously the security of the customers’ information and we are totally responsible for it. The policy given below features how we use the information of our customers and the way we protect their privacy.

1. Use of Customer Information

Face2trade accumulates the details you provide us with together with the information we acquire about you from your use of our service, visits that you make and the other visits made through our website to the other sites.

Your participation in any competitions or promotions and upcoming feedback that you give helps us collect some additional information.

We use your data to personalize and supply our services. As well as we will use your contact details in order to keep in touch with you. We may send you the offers and news regarding our Face2face products and the services of the other thoroughly selected companies that you may be interested in. We can contact you by email, post, fax or telephone (including text messages) for these purposes. If we feel that some information from other third parties may be interesting or useful for you we may send you some marketing materials via email.

Your information can be used with the following intentions: billing and audit, accounting, credit or other payment card verification and screening, customs control, and immigration, safety, security, and health. It may also be used for administrative and legal purposes; systems testing, statistical and marketing analysis, support and development, customer surveys, improvement of customer relations and to help us with any future dealings regarding you. For instance, we are able to identify your necessities and preferences.

We appreciate the feedback given by our consumers that is very helpful when it comes to improving our services. We can contact you by post, e-mail, fax or telephone with the aim to ask for your opinion.

Please, take into consideration that sometimes it may be necessary for us to contact you for operational or administrative reasons.

We may also take advantage of the collected information to administer, improve, support and develop our business.

All the information provided by you will be kept in our systems situated on our premises on in the systems of a selected third party. We are also allowed to give the access to your information by the other third parties cooperating with us for the same purposes as arranged in this policy or the other purposes accepted by you. Your data can be also processed outside of Europe.

2. Site Tracking

Tracking software that we use to keep account of site usage and customer traffic patterns are very helpful when developing layout and design of the site. Thus, we are able to cater for the needs of the visitors of This kind of software does not let us retain any information deemed to be personally identifying.

3. Asking for personal data

It is legal to ask for a copy of information that Face2trade acquired about you. You have the right to request a call recording but, please, take into account that according to Face2trade’s policy all the copies of customer calls are to be deleted after 90 days. Note also that Face2trade is not the data governor for any CCTV picture that can be retained.

We will do our best to start processing your data request within 10 working days. We will contact you directly if we need any additional information to begin processing your data request. From that moment you will have 30 days to give us all the additional information needed. In a case of not getting additional details from you after 30 days, your data request will be automatically archived, thus you may be asked to hand in the new data request.

If there are any questions arising and regarding the protection of the data, please, contact us at

4. Security directed to protect your information and retention of data

All your details are passed on the internet undoubtedly using prime encryption that is 128 bit.
There are some means by use of which we prevent unauthorized access. First of all, according to the UK Data Protection Acts of 1984 and 1998 or the Swiss Law on Data Protection we follow obligatory and rigid security procedures in the storage and revelation of information supplied by you. Before being able to share sensitive information with you our security procedures imply requesting identity or proof.

In the case of passing your data to a third party, mentioned in this policy, we will make sure that the security measures that this party applies regarding the processing of your data works according to the same principle as this of Face2trade. This does not apply where we are enforced to pass your information to a third party by law.

We will definitely retain your information for a certain accessible period of time of time or as long as the law demands.

5. Cookies

Small pieces of information stocked on your computer’s hard drive by your browser are called cookies. You may anytime delete cookies from your hard drive. The majority of browsers accept cookies automatically but you can prevent that process by changing the adjustments of the browser.

Most of the features available on a web site may be used without any cookies. Our cookies do not contain any personally identifying information.

Normally, cookies are used in email messages you have accepted to receive and at our website to help us in estimating our advertising effectiveness and the way visitors use our website. If you click on a link in the e-mail, we can install a cookie on your browser. The main goal of the cookie and pixels combination set on the pages of our website is to make us aware of your interaction with the pages of our website when you visit Face2trade as a result of clicking on this kind of link.
Therefore, we can observe and analyze what kind of information was interested for you and what has been omitted. Thus, in the future, we can send more information which appeals to you. Please, take into account that this information is for our use only – that is said this information cannot be disclosed or shared with any third parties. If you are not willing to let this happen you may change the cookie adjustments directly in your browser.

6. Use of pixels

In order to understand better the way our customers interact with the content and emails sent by us, we use pixels in emails on a daily bases, to know who read the message. Moreover, by means of pixels we are looking for the information related to the form in which you receive our emails: whether you can receive it in text or form. As a result, our content can be provided to you in the most interesting form.

7. Your consent

When using the Face2face website you accept to consent to the collection and use of this data by Face2trade according to the approaches featured above.

If you have got any other questions regarding our Privacy Policy or its implementation do not hesitate to contact our department of customer service. In a case of having decided to implement any changes to your Privacy Policy we will let you know about it by sharing those changes on this page so that you could always be able to know about the information we accumulate, the way we use it and the under what conditions it can be disclosed.

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