Terms of Service

As far as you a user of Face2Trade it is essential for you to understand these critical terms of service. If you continue using our website you must get familiar and abide by the following terms set up by Face2Trade.

This website is operated by Face2Trade Inc. The following terms of Service can be edited anytime without prior notice. If you continue using Face2Trade you agree automatically on abiding by the new Terms of Service. Bear in mind that implementation of any terms or conditions of any additional agreements regarding Face2Trade ought to be considered as an addition to the given Terms of Service.

Privacy Policy of Face2Trade

In order to get the answers to the questions regarding our Privacy Policy please go to our website Face2Trade. com and click to run down our policy. It explains how and why we gather all the specific data from our users and what we do with it. Your privacy is usually the matter of utmost importance to Face2Trade.

Copyright Protection of Face2Trade

Face2Trade is under copyright protection. According to this protection which includes Face2Trade type of text, logo, graphics, website design, files and other things of this kind, the materials of this website cannot be subject to republishing, reproduction, distribution, display, transmission and downloading as well as it may not be posted somehow and by no means. Besides, it includes, but cannot be limited to photocopying, recording, electronic or mechanical without prior written compliance of Face2Trade. You are only able to get permission to view and use materials on this website for non-commercial purposes or with the aim to locate information. In the case of having got the permission, you promise to not copy, duplicate or distribute any materials, implement any changes in these materials, delete or alter any of the copyrighted material.

Trademarks of Face2Trade

Having the status of a registered trademark Face2Trade is, thus, protected by the trademark laws. Without prior written permission of Face2Trade, you are not allowed to use, copy or reduplicate any part of trademarked material of the company. Scripts, page headers, button icons, and customized graphics are considered to be the trademarks of Face2Trade website and consequently are protected. Trademarks owned by other entities and displayed by Face2Trade are usually protected by their trademark owners. Therefore, your use of has to be limited to personal, non-commercial use. Reselling any aspect of Face2Trade website is deemed to be illegal. Please refrain from using any data gathering or extraction methods on Face2Trade sites.

Face2Trade Website Linking Terms

You may get the permission to create a hyperlink to Face2Trade, but you are forbidden to convey Face2Trade in a false, misleading, offensive or defamatory way. To be able to use any of registered trademarks you must have written permission from Face2Trade prior to your use of the material.

Certain users that follow the foreign link outside of Face2Trade. com are not under our protection anymore. Face2Tade is not in charge of the content that may take place on linked websites. You should be aware of the risks that you take by following a link that does not belong to our website.

Website Usage of Face2Trade

At face2Trade we prefer to trust the users of our website. We expect you to treat us with respect and act within moral reasons. As long as you are familiar with these expectations you agree on acting morally and obeying to the rules mentioned in this policy. You must never undermine our website users’ security or the security of Face2Trade in general. Our services should never be abused. Besides, you acknowledge to never abuse system resources, hamper the accounts or disrupt Face2Trade servers. As well as any associated servers and the affiliates of our website. Moreover, you have to never interfere with Face2Trade user enjoyment. You will always adhere to the restrictions regarding access to our sites.

The most important thing is that you admit acting in accordance with all the laws complying with the use of Face2Trade.

These laws can include national, international, local or state settlements. You accept in the same way that we are not in charge of businesses advertised on Face2Trade or the quality of goods or services they offer.

In a case of a Copyright or trademark disagreement Face2Trade is willing to have your copyright or trademarked material protected. We adhere to the requirements of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). You can call our attention to any asserted copyright or trademark found on Face2Trade if our Copyright agent gets from you the following information:
Whoever has the owner’s authorization of the restricted copyright ought to comprise their signature.

Include the registration number of your trademark and proof of a registered trademark.

Present the same content in question

1. In order to receive correspondence, you need to put down your email address, a phone number, and current address.
Include an original statement, giving an explanation about the material that, from your point of view, has been copyrighted.
Attest that all the information submitted is not falsification but valid and precise facts and mention that you have permission to make this kind of complaint.
Email: to contact a Face2Trade copyright agent.

Face2Trade Indemnification Agreement

Take into consideration the fact that in a case of violation directed towards Face2Trade Terms of Service you agree to indemnify Face2Trade and hold the website blameless. Violation of the rights of another users or using to display behavior later resulted in another parties’ claims, demands actions or requesting damages will lead you to irrevocable indemnification.

Your Submitted Material

Face2Trade cannot guarantee ultimate privacy and confidentiality regarding any questions you may pose; your own given suggestions and ideas, shared drawings, formed plans and another original data and materials provided via email or by means of other submission mechanisms to Face2Trade are not surely protected. The materials become the property of Face2Trade once you submit it. As well as you rob yourself of the right to materials mentioned above.
In this case, the materials may be used by Face2Trade without additional notifications or payment.

Face2Trade Warranty Disclaimer

Face2Trade users are able to clearly understand and accept that all the information presented on the website, its materials, content and products appear to you “as is” and are nonetheless available.

Using Face2Trade is your own risk and responsibility. Face2Trade disavow warranties of title or other latent warranties. You are not supposed to depend and trust any information provided by Face2Trade or any other entity associated with this website. Any access or downloading carried out through our website is executed at our own risk.

You are the only person to be in charge of any possible damages to your computer. Face2Trade is not also responsible for data loss resulting from the viruses obtained through downloading content.

Face2Trade is not responsible for data, products, services or materials produced by other parties accessed through Face2Trade. The only exception is the case when there is settled prior by a written document from Face2Trade.

We have no responsibility when it comes to the accuracy or reliability of other sites. We do not promise that all the content of our website will always cater for your needs or that Face2Trade content will always be error-free, timely, uninterrupted or secure. In the same way, we cannot guarantee the improvement of the defects you may suffer from. The damages like file corruption, errors, system lags, loss of data and service interruptions are not the responsibility of Face2Trade. You may be exempt from the statement above if these limitations are not applied in the state you live.

Face2TradeLimitations of Liability

Face2Trade, its associates or parties involved may be called liable for any damaged resulting from the usage or the prevention of use of Face2Trade websites. They take responsibility for consequences occurring as a result of unwarranted access or adjustment applied to your data entries, or data that has been transmitted or taken. This includes damages regarding any sort of loss. Particularly, profit, loss of use, information use etc.

Take into consideration that there are jurisdictions that prohibit limitation or execution liability for incidental or consequential damages. That is to say that the parts of such kind of limitation on liability would probably not apply.

Legal commitments

Everything contained in these Terms of Service is stated according to the laws of the Sate of California, without resort to its conflict of law provisions. When taking legal action regarding these Terms of Service, file your complaint with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County, California or the United States District Court for the Northern District of California.

Face2Trade Termination Rules

Face2Trade is eligible for terminating your account and preventing you from using Face2Trade site. Face2Trade site is legally allowed to do so without prior notice and further explanations. It can be necessary to prevent your future access to Face2Trade websites. So, we have the right to make you stop using our website and change the services provided to you by our websites.

Exceptions to Face2Trade Terms of Service

If anything unlawful will be found in the terms it will necessarily stop being part of Face2Trade policy. Nevertheless, all the other aspects of the Terms of Services remain in force and must be pursued by all the users. Any rejection regarding the given conditions and right won’t be distinguished unless it is written in a document. Whoever is willing to waive a condition ought to personally write and sign the document.