Video Ads Are Critical to Your Business

Nowadays the spread of users is more diversified than ever before, with a giant lot of platforms that may be used for displaying ads. Advertiser community is in dire need to find optimizing solutions for the video ventures that enable them to simultaneously leverage perfect quality and encompass the largest possible virtual territory. FACE2TRADE operates the broadest video net with highly reputed content deliverers and video partners. Our methods garner the sure results of relevant audience through the diversity of channels and devices. If you’re interested in the widest reach and enhanced brand awareness, then FACE2TRADE knows how to bring your goals closer to realization.

FACE2TRADE Platform Capacities

  • Hit the Appropriate Segment of the Demographic – Receive the greatest numbers of impactful views from visitor with the highest chances of purchasing your products.
  • Ward Off Fraudulent Clicks – Exclude false views and clicks that cut your revenues. FACE2TRADE meticulously filters and tracks incoming and outcoming traffic, so the possibility of fraud is eliminated.
  • Get Your Video Played on All Devices – FACE2TRADE publishing network has inbuilt support of all imaginable PC and mobile platforms.

Video is Your Ticket to the Future

Let us introduce you to some statistics. Online videos are viewed by more then 150 million individuals, and more 70 million people use for these purposes various mobile devices. The palette of devices, OS and formats is extensively diversified. FACE2TRADE is totally mindful of that and is continuously doing investigations of the foremost instruments of the time, and besides we are engaged in their very development, all to bring your video ads ultramodern and futuristic perspective. And we have some delicious specials that will undoubtedly please your tastes and requirements.

  • FACE2TRADE’s platform is constructed to serve video ads in relevant formats and to ensure its reaching the proper people through the most efficient keyword strategy.
  • Our systems interactive add-ons provide the routes to enhancing user experience, which also includes the social media integration, polls, informational links and the likes. There are options for targeting advertisements on the basis of location or users’ individual preferences.

We Always Care About Providing Extra Opportunities

FACE2TRADE has the wide selection of affiliate companies ready to place your ads on their resources, yet we will also at any time advice you on customized and targeted solutions which may be requested right away.

The account activation takes mere seconds, and your uploaded advertisements will come online with incredible promptness.

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FACE2TRADE’s mission lies in helping advertisers in constructing inciting and targeted marketing ventures with the guaranteed appeal to the potential consumers and their conversion into actual and money-bringing buyers.

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Let your site rise in its value and simultaneously expand your revenue flows by serving ads that are optimally relevant to the visitors.

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